* All pricing is done individually . . . call (239) 209-0990 for details
This page is intended as a guide to estimate the price for Beachside Quilter longarm quilting services.

1) Machine Basting

2) Machine Quilting:
    Free Motion all over



    Separate border design

3) Preparation for quilting

4) Batting

5) Thread

6) Binding

7) Attach Binding
Minimum charge per quilt

Layer your quilt top, batting and backing and machine baste approximately 4" apart. Includes thread.

Uses a freeform design such as meander, loops, swirls.

Quilt with one design going from edge to edge of quilt. Pattern is repeated in rows across the quilt. Price dependent on complexity and density of design.

Special designs in individual blocks. Quilting separated to enhance sashings, borders and blocks. Price dependent on complexity.

Additional charge for quilting one border in a separate design from the body of the quilt.

Repair seams, remove basting or pins, press, clean-up stray threads, seam backing, square up backing, etc.

We have a variety of battings from Quilter's Dream

Based on the quilt size and complexity of quilting

Prepare 2-1/2" straight grain binding from your materials.

Apply your binding by machine to the front side of the quilt with corner mitered, ready for you to hand finish.

.005/per square inch

.015/per square inch

.02 - .05/per square inch

.03 - .06/per square inch

Add .01/per square inch

$20.00 per hour

Market price per linear inch

$5.00 - $25.00 per quilt


.15/per linear inch
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